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Personally Bespoke


My unique formula for your personal training success

​A common approach to Personal Training is to briefly ask what the client wants to achieve,  prepare a programme of exercises to be attempted and then meet the client once or twice every week either in person or online.  Periodic refinements to the fitness programme may take place and some nutritional guidance sometimes included.


Often, regardless of how good the programme might be on paper, achievements are temporary or limited as motivation and effort diminish. 


My approach is different as I take a more nuanced and individual approach.  My unique formula, informed by personal experience and research is designed to increase your chances of sticking with your personalised programme and delivering bigger gains. Additionally I don't want to see your hard work wasted, so by supporting your creation of good fitness habits you will benefit from lifelong positive change not just short term gain.                                     



=  fitness success and positive change

Powerful Beliefs


Is your fitness goal specific and strong enough to resist the many temptations and negative influences sent to test your resolve?


A really strong powerful belief allowing you to resist negative temptations is key to success. We will work together to find or refine yours.


Then when motivation wanes,  the 'snooze button' or extra slice of cake can be resisted as your end goal becomes a stronger desire.

Personal Buy-in


For you to stick to the programme and get results you must believe it.  To believe in it, it must be as easy to follow, realistic and focussed on you. Before building a bespoke plan I therefore need more information to:


  • Assess current fitness and eating habits

  • Agree timescales, schedule periodic reviews and identify interim goals that will demonstrate progress.

  • Identify specific barriers, excuses or bad habits.

  • Analyse negative and positive influences

  • Work out what exercise you enjoy and foods you like to eat.

Often a big barrier is finding time and commiting each week to set training times.  I therefore offer weekly diary previews - when we work out when we can fit in our PT sessions for the coming week. Alternatively if you are away with work or family commitments we can arrange a blend of 1-2-1 sessions and remote support.


Positive Backing




During the programme I will:

  • Hold you accountable

  • Believe and invest in you

  • Identify and adopt a training style that works for you.
    (Do you respond better to a command style, where I make the decisions and assume a more authoratitive persona or is a more reciprocal, nurturing style more you?)

  • Ensure the sessions are challenging, varied and enjoyable.

Form good habits and positive experiences


Good fitness habits are hard to form and maintain because the reward is not immediate. Therefore to address this I will donate to charity  for every PT session you attend.  Often tapping into our philanthropic nature is more powerful than a free T-Shirt!

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