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Personnel Betterment

Group Staff fitness benefit


It is well known that a fit and healthy workforce improves productivity and reduces absenteeism. Wellness for employees has recently become a 'buzz word' and staff are increasingly expecting employers to look after their physical and mental wellbeing.

Exercise ticks both these boxes, so why not offer your workforce a Personal Trainer lead and carefully designed lunchtime, early morning or after work group work-out?

How might it work?

I typically recommend a 30-40 minute high intensity group session for no more than 10 participants.  I will provide the equipment and cater for all abilities.


Working to your requirements I will create an experience that is fun and effective and ensures your staff feel energised and not exhausted. 

If you don't have a suitable space at your premises I will find a local park or indoor venue. Your staff should therefore be back to work within the hour.


Further benefits


Not only will your staff thank you for this free benefit but the group session will foster improved inter-staff relationships and communication.


In addition, I am very happy to speak to neighbouring businesses and ask if they would like to partner with you and share the cost.

Finally,  if staff want to privately employ me for 1-2-1 PT sessions I can offer a 10% discount off my normal rates.

What's next?

Qualified to level 3 standard, fully insured and industry recognised, your staff will be in expert hands so give me a ring 07930 147270 or email to discuss your requirements and tailor a package that works for you and your staff. 

Depending on your needs a ball park figure for a group session would be £115.

Taster sessions to assess and gauge interest and multi-booking discounts are available.

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