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New to Gym life, no idea where to start?

Fitness training for events & occasions

Improved health & fitness   

Lose weight. Look better, feel confident. 

If you are a member of Energie Fitness, Sandhurst and are thinking of employing a personal trainer scroll down for answers to questions you might be asking yourself.


Is he qualified & recommended?               Can I relate to Martin & his values?                   Will we like each other?

I am Martin, a level 3 qualified personal trainer and the fitness manager at Energie Fitness, Sandhurst.


At 50 i'm more mature than your typical personal trainer. Following a light bulb moment in 2000 I transformed my appearance and fitness from "dad bod" to 'fitness body freak'.


Previously a City professional with over 20 years endurance training and event experience I am now passionate about helping Energie Fitness, Members improve their health and fitness and achieve their personal best. 


I know from personal experience how improving your health and fitness can literally transform your life and how you feel but also how that for many, gyms can be intimidating places, as your fitness manager and personal trainer I want to change that!


Click here for more about me and testimonials or arrange a free consultation.


What makes Personal Best PT better than other personal trainers?                                  Why will PB get me results?

My unique formula for  delivering your weight loss, health and fitness goals is backed up by academic study and practical experience.  Delivering change requires a powerful self belief, sticking to an attainable plan and tailored personal support. Personal training will also be delivered using a method that works for you.  Click to discover why Personal Best, Personal Training for Sandhurst gym members is different or contact me for a free consultation.

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Can PB help me acheive my goals?                                                                       Will I get a chance to discuss them?

I enjoy working with members of Energie Fitness, Sandhurst, delivering their weight loss and fitness objectives.  Before committing to employ me as your personal trainer we need to get to know each other which is why I provide a free consultation. My areas of specialism focus on:

 * Better health and fitness   * Fat loss, body building, looking better   * Event training


How often and what type of training?                                                   Can I fit in training around my other demands?

Will I receive diet advice?                                                                       How will we work together and judge progress?

I don't do 'off the peg' fitness training so you can expect a personalised programme and plenty of individual support and communication. It begins with a free consultation and then a detailed discovery meeting.  The personal information I obtain (nothing too intrusive) will drive your health and fitness training plan. We then discuss and agree a programme, before I ask for your commitment to your tailored plan. Barriers will have been identified and either overcome or lowered. Your plan will fit in with your life and include exercise and foods you enjoy. To continue your gains at the end of our time together I also offer a follow-up service.


If you have any questions, then please visit the other pages of this site or the FAQs. If though you prefer the personal touch then please contact me.

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