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"The secret to getting ahead is getting started"                                    Mark Twain

Flexible and extensive training times  (subject to availability):


Monday - Thursday:   6am - 10pm   

Sunday:                    8am - 6pm    

Frequently Asked Questions

Will training be Covid Secure and will I be safe?

Any training or time we spend together will be strictly in accordance with the Government guidance current at that time. Thankfully currently there are no restrictions in force but as a matter of basic hygiene I will ensure all equipment is sanitised before use. If requested I will though wear a face covering if that is my clients' preference but will not expect one to be worn during exercise by my clients, unless of course they want to.

What does level 3 qualified mean?

Technically anyone can set themselves up and call themselves a PT. Level 3 Personal Trainer certification is awarded only to those who have passed the industry recognised standard in England.  There are various course providers, I chose Origym whose courses are endorsed by Virgin Active, Bannatyne, DW Fitness First, PureGym, JD and Sports Direct.

Are you registered and insured ?

Yes - I am registered with a register of exercise professionals (CIMPSA) and insured through them. The register :

"...was developed to protect the public from trainers who do not hold appropriate qualifications and to provide assurance and confidence to the public and employers that professionals on their register are appropriately qualified with the knowledge, competance and skills to perform their roles effectively."

How difficult will the training sessions be?

It depends to some extent on what your goals are, timescales and what appproach motivates you.  However to get results, the body needs to be pushed so I would not be doing my job if the sessions were too easy.  But don't worry I will only make you work at a safe intensity level and we will build up each week so the sessions will be manageable and enjoyable.

How fit do I need to be to start?

There is no minimum level. At our discovery meeting I will start to get an idea of your fitness level. That will allow me to design a programme that will work for you.  I will also undertake some industry recommended pre-screening to ensure that you are healthy enough to start exercising.

How soon before I start seeing results?

Again this depends on the effort you put in and the intensity that is appropriate to acheive your goals. Sadly there is no silver bullet! As a general rule the more out of shape your are to start with and the greater your commitment, the quicker you should start to see results! 

Can I train with someone else?

Yes.  I am happy to train more than one-person at a time.  Because everyone is different I will prepare a unique programme for each of you, agree a suitable price plan and modify the exercises where necessary.

If you would like a friend to come along for some moral support that is fine too and encouraged.

What advice can you give about diet?

What we eat and drink impacts our health and fitness.  There is a lot of confusing and contradictory information in the public domain about diet.  As a Personal Trainer I can legally call myself a Nutritional Therapist and will provide clarification and simplification. 

Whether it is fat or weight loss, or fuelling your body for an event, once your fitness goals are clear I can suggest adjustments to what you eat and drink.  I don't believe in fad diets but advocate healthy foods and factor in availablity and preparation time.  Within reason and moderation no foods are prohibited - after all we all deserve a treat every now and then.

Why are there no programme prices and what is the procedure for payment?

I provide a premium service tailored for you.  Once we have decided and refined your goals, and agreed type and frequency of training, I will be able to provide pricing options.

As commitment is important for your success, I ask for payment in advance, ideally by electronic transfer and offer upfront packaged pricing.



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