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Professional Background

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Waking up after a good nights sleep feeling energised, mentally alert and confident about the day ahead.  You look in the mirror and are pleased with what you see. Your muscles feel tighter and warmly tingle from your last work-out. You feel great and are looking forward to tonight's training session and re-living the 'achievement buzz' you now enjoy after pushing your body. No more aches or pains or shortness of breath as you begin another busy day.

This is now how I feel every morning and my mission has become to help others improve their health and fitness and live fully fulfilled lives.

Welcome to Personal Best and Martin

I am a level 3 qualified mobile Personal Trainer and Fitness Manager at Energie Fitness, Sandhurst where I can also train clients. At 50 I have over 20 years of experience in fitness which gives me unique insight and understanding of more mature bodies!

* Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer  

* Registered Exercise Professional (CIMSPA)

* Fully Insured and first aid certified (mental & physical health)

* 20 years fitness and event experience


Prior to turning my fitness passion into my Personal Best PT business I was a London Solicitor balancing both a professional career, family and training.

My professional background and being older than many in the personal training industry affords me unique personal advantages that benefit my clients.

personal trainer energie fitness sandhurst
personal trainer cimspa

My Unique Advantages




My life experience and professional background means I better understand the pressures you are likely to be facing.  I  also enjoy an intellectual discussion about the issues of our time - if that helps you get through your work out!



I understand the more mature body and how to overcome the unique challenges it presents. I strongly believe though that age is no barrier - it's mental attitude and fortitide that counts.


Trusted Relationship

Passionate about delivering exceptional service.  I understand the importance of first building trust to get maximum results, this is why I offer a free fitness consultation before working with new clients.  

personal trainer recommendation


HR Manager from Surrey

"It's thanks to Martin that I smashed my PB at the Fleet Half Marathon.  He is a great motivator and knew how to get the best out of me.  Thank you"

personal best reviews


North Hampshire

"Martin is a legend. Without him I could not call myself an IronMan. His training plan and commitment turned disappointment at my first attempt to success at my second.  My extra confidence has seen me enter many more crazy endurance events since and Martin is to thank for my achievements"

personal best testimonial


Finance Director from Crowthorne

" The consummate professional but with an approachable and likeable personality.  His enthusiasm for fitness is addictive"

Fitness Event experience

Anchor events

Gym based


Physique photoshoot

1 million kg lift

Swim Cycle Run

Ironman Triathlon

London Marathon

Swim Serpentine

Ride London


24 hr cycle

Cycle India

Endure 24

Military Inspired

Fan Dance (Trident)

Para 10

Royal Marines  Commando.

Trek / OCR

Trek Peru

Three Peaks Challlenge

Action Challenge Walk

Tough Guy

Brutal Events

Hell Runner

Grim Challenge

My motivation and beliefs

cancer research personal best personal trainer

It started with my mum....


At school P.E was my least favourite lesson, not a natural sportsman, academic pursuits were my strength.


The year 2000 and the diagnosis of my mum with cancer became a pivotal moment and the start of my health and fitness obsession.



My coping strategy was to throw myself into fundraising for Cancer Research UK.  I signed up for their Trek Peru event.  With sponsors relying on me to complete the trek I commited to a programme of training.


I quickly got the fitness bug and relished the amazing feeling and positive changes it brings. In subsequent years I have undertaken more outlandish charity challenges. The spirit of my dear mum and raising money for this worthy cause have been my powerful belief that continues to motivate me.  

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