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Premium health & fitness training at the gym, at work and to homes in Surrey, Hampshire and West Berkshire borders.

Improved health & fitness   

Look better, feel confident

Event & occasion training

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Client Testimonials

"Martin is the consummate professional offering and sharing his knowledge and expertise at a level the client can fully understand. Altogether a worthwhile investment of my time and money."   Pauline Wishart

Are we right for each other?

Scroll down for answers to questions you might be asking yourself.


Is he qualified and recommended?                      Can I relate to him and his values?                                Will we get on?

I am Martin a 50 year old qualified personal trainer. Following an ephiphany moment in 2000 I transformed myself from "couch potato" to 'fitness fanatic'. Previously a  London business professional with over 20 years training and event experience I am now passionate about helping clients improve their health and fitness and achieve their dreams.  Click here for my fitness story and what others say or arrange a free personal training consultation.

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What can PB  offer that other PTs can't?                                                                                 Why will PB get me results?

My unique formula for fitness success was informed by research and experience.  Effecting change requires a powerful self belief, commitment to a realistic plan and personalised support. Training will also be delivered in a style that you will respond to.  Click to find out why PB is different or contact me for a free personal training consultation.

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Can PB help me acheive my goals?                                                                       Will I get a chance to discuss them?

I will only work with you if I believe I can help you achieve your goals which is why I offer a free PT consultation. My approach and background favours more mature clients who are prepared to pay a premium for a fully tailored service and impressive results.  My areas of specialism focus on:

 * Improved health and fitness * Looking better * Training for an event or occasion

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How often, where and what type of training?                                            Can I fit in training around my commitments?

Will I receive nutrition advice?                                                               How will we communicate and review progress?

I don't do 'production line' training so you can expect a personal programme and ongoing individual support whether in person, electronically or on the telephone. It all starts with a free fitness consultation followed by an indepth discovery meeting.  I need to gather some key pieces of information (nothing too intrusive) as this will drive the training programme I design and recommend for you. Together we will review and refine, and then I will ask for your commitment. We will also have identified and mitigated any other barriers that may have hindered your progress in the past ensuring you are well set to deliver your goals this time. Your training plan will be flexible, fit around your lifestyle and include exercise and foods you like. To maintain your gains at the end of the programme I also offer a follow-up personal training service.

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Studies have shown that a mentally and physically fit and healthy work force is more productive and less prone to sickness.  I work with businesses to design fitness workouts for staff during lunch hours, before or after work. Offering this benefit is a way organisations can differentiate and demonstrate their commitment to employees. To find out more click here.

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If you have any questions then why not visit the other pages of this site or the FAQs. If you prefer the personal touch then please contact me.

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