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Guided on-line training

The pandemic impacted almost every industry and made us think of new innovative ways of doing things.  We all had to adapt to our new world.  1-2-1 training in your home or garden became a solution as the risk of transmission was of course much lower than at a Gym or than at a group exercise session.  

Guided on-line training - a new approach

Born out of necessity many of us logged on and joined in with group impersonal training sessions.  Effective for some but not tailored to your individual needs, your body or the facilities available. Most concerning however no-one was watching you, correcting your form to  ensure you were moving safely or motivating you to push yourself a bit further.

To address this my guided on-line training could be for you.

How does it work?

  • Initial Free Consultation on the telephone

  • Zoom 'discovery meeting' - I will cover all the usual areas as per my face to face meetings but will additionally discuss with you what equipment  and space you have at home.

  • Programme design - again all the usual areas will be covered but it will include only exercises that can be done in your home and given your equipment and space. There will be body weight exercises but don't worry everyday household items can be used to add variety if you don't have any specialist equipment!

  • Zoom 2 way session -  to begin with and, for as long as it takes for us to be happy and confident with your form, I will first demonstrate the exercise and then I will watch you and make any corrections. Then after a few session, and only if you want to, when you are more confident we may dispense with the video element and instead arrange a catch-up call after you have performed the session on your own.


To find out more or to book a no obligation Free Fitness Consultation:


During the consultation we can start getting to know each other, you can ask questions and I can tell you a bit more about my approach to training and pricing. 


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